Creating the Perfect Product Label Design in 2021

A product label design can decide whether the product is a miss or a hit in the market. No matter how much people deny to judge the book by its cover, unfortunately, they do!

That’s why an attractive and well-presented product label can make your product a huge success. Although designing a product label isn’t a very arduous task, some factors need to be taken care of while designing a product label.

Here are some simple and effective steps to create the perfect product label design according to the latest trends.

9 Steps To Creating A Perfect Product Label

  1. Ample Research

Dig deep into insights such as the target audience – age group, gender, education, etc. Also, search for the existing competitors about what they have put up and what unique/improvements you can offer.

  1. The label should Talk

A product label is also called the ‘silent salesman’. Therefore, make sure it contains all the relevant information like the company logo, type of product, specified age group or gender, and unique selling points (USP) of your product.

  1. Choose the Material

You can decide from various packaging materials—for example, transparent cellophane, metallic paper, laminated paper, etc. If the product is going to be kept in freezer then appropriate label material should be used.

  1. Mandates

Do not forget to include information deemed mandatory by the government rules and regulations—for example, nutritional information, ingredients, etc.

  1. Catchy Colours

Associate a suitable colour scheme to the target group—for example, light and feminine colours like pink for women-oriented products. You can also depict the flavour of the product by colour (if applicable).

  • Typography

It is best to choose custom fonts for the information carried by the label. Product name, slogans, claims, etc., must be clear and readable.

  1. Defined USP

A well-defined and trending USP can be the eye-catcher of your product. Recent trends like gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, best value, etc., are already a part of successful marketing strategies.

  1. Illustrate to Communicate

Just like the typography, including informative and attractive illustrations on the label can make a huge impact. For example, if your product is honey, you can include visual elements like cute little bees around a honeycomb.

  1. Know your Limits

While you are free to bring out your creativity as much as possible, you need to work within boundaries. Cross-check if any drawings, text, or claims aren’t controversial or inappropriate.

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